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The client has a significant in-house electrical generating capacity. They operate a large electrical network ranging from 220V up to 132kV. The loss of generation capacity affects not only a specific section of a plant, but also plant processes downstream.

The client is an integrated chemical and energy company that produces a range of high-value product streams, including liquids, fuels, chemicals and low-carbon electricity. A few years ago the client began producing power from a newly built gas engine power plant which has an export capacity of 140MW and is one of the largest power […]

The client operates one of the largest diamond mines in South Africa. Any production loss at the crushing phase of the operations has a significant impact on plant output. Martec, the sole distributor for Emmerson Intellisaw technology in South Africa, supplied, installed and commissioned Intellisaw Temperature and partial discharge monitoring technology on critical 6,6kV circuit […]