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Evaluating data involves comparing current data to historical data or established benchmarks, looking for patterns or trends in the data, or using statistical analysis techniques to identify outliers or anomalies.

Condition monitoring is using measurements and observations to identify the presence of a failure mode, deterioration or problem in such a way that the appropriate maintenance can be scheduled to repair or alleviate the failure mode or condition.

Gain valuable insights with Tom Dalton as he unveils the OSD Pro, Martec’s innovative diagnostic system. Tom discusses the importance of analysing moisture in transformer health and explains how a risk assessment combines various factors to determine a comprehensive risk factor for your transformer.  

What do you think the essentials are for effective transformer monitoring and analysis? James Cowling and Tom Dalton shared their thoughts in a 90-second audio clip highlighting three pivotal values: early problem detection, progression tracking, and comprehensive gas analysis by weighing risk, cost, and criticality.  

Listen to what Tom Dalton reveals about hydrogen’s significance in transformer analysis. As a key gas, it can reveal faults such as overheating, partial discharge and arcing. Learn how our transformer fleet risk assessment ensures you make the right online or offline monitoring decisions.  

In this enlightening discussion, James Cowling and Gerrit Visagie shed light on how vibration analysis serves as a crucial tool for detecting potential issues before they escalate, ensuring smooth operations and preventing costly breakdowns.  

Each plant and its risk profile are different. Martec’s Managing Director, Johannes Coetzee, touches on the importance of a tailor-made approach when realising realtime condition monitoring solutions for plants. 

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