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Measurement and analysis techniques are possible with a combination of sensors and processing tools to accurately assess the condition of MV switchgear components during in-service conditions. To improve the sensitivity of PD measurements, different techniques/methods have been developed for both laboratory and on-site applications. All these methods can be divided into conventional and so-called unconventional […]

A dielectric withstand test or “high potential” or “hipot” test is an electrical test performed on a component or product to determine the effectiveness of its insulation.

Failure of electrical switchgear can cause death, severe injury and significant damage. Switchgear failure is rare, but when it occurs, the results can be catastrophic.

To warn substation operators of electrical discharge activity either for safety reasons or as early warning to maintenance personnel.

Online condition assessment is the ultimate solution for MV and HV electrical systems. Online condition assessment technologies with large bandwidth and memory, is capable of acquiring the entire pulse shape of a large number of partial discharge signals, allowing deep partial discharge (PD) analysis to be performed. The acquisition units are provided with ultra wide […]

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