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Electrical discharges (ED) in MV power circuits are (1) Partial Discharges (PD) and (2) Partial Arcing (PA). Partial Arcing is a term coined by Martec to explain multiple findings which exhibit some common characteristics of PD.

Partial Discharge could appear in any point of the insulation system as electrical stress, by exceeding the dielectric strength.

Terminations are an important part of the cable network. If the installation instructions are not followed by the installer or incorrect material supplied, then the termination can lead to premature failure of the plant.

On-Line condition assessment of the “C” Type terminations was conducted with the power circuits in operation. It is important to conduct these assessments when the plant is subject to the full combination of thermal, electrical and mechanical stresses that it is subject to while in service.

Partial discharges (PD) represent tiny little arcs that, only partially bridge small portion of electrical insulation between phase conductor and ground or between two phase conductors which occurs in the voltage and insulation domain.

Researching the advantages of cast resin transformers, you may find the information available to be somewhat lacking. Many resin cast transformer companies mention that these transformers only need air to cool, due to its smooth coil surface eliminates heavy dirt build-up.

Vacuum interrupters are used to interrupt medium voltage AC current. Depending on the construction of the vacuum circuit breaker, the bellow allows the movable contact to move while maintaining vacuum.