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Ultrasound technology for condition monitoring and energy efficiency

SDT International

Martec is the sole distributor of SDT Ultrasound Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa. SDT Ultrasonic detectors are the most versatile tools for reliability managers, mechanical and electrical engineers, maintenance managers and efficiency optimisation personnel.

SDT Ultrasound Systems detect, measure, capture and analyse high-frequency sound signals generated by partial discharge, turbulence and friction common in an electrical and mechanical plant at the earliest stages of a defect. These ultrasound signals can be heard audibly through the headphones as the detector makes it possible to “compare” sounds quickly. Training allows the operator to determine if the sounds require intervention and at what stage a fault may occur.

Product range
  • SDT200
  • SDT270
  • SDT340
  • UAS4.0
  • Online4US
  • LUBExpert
  • Checker Series
  • Asset condition monitoring
  • Electrical inspection
  • Bearing condition monitoring
  • Bearing lubrication monitoring
  • Steam system detection
  • Leak detection in compressors
  • Tank tightness testing (petrochemical)
  • Marine applications
Condition Monitoring Training

Introducing South Africa’s first ISO CAT 1 Certification training in accordance with ISO-18436-3 and ISO-18436-8. This course combined with ASNT Certified Level 1 course for Airborne and Structure Borne ultrasound inspectors will be taking place from the 2 – 5 September 2019 in Midrand.

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SDT International - SDT270 Kit

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