Real-time Monitoring & Analysis

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has sparked the development of smart technologies that have set the stage for the digitalisation and enhancement of condition monitoring tools and practices.

Reliability and maintenance engineers can now have access to visualised real-time data dashboards which provide them with information about an asset’s health status and its associated risk levels. Martec’s Real-time Monitoring solution uses engineered algorithms for predictive analytics which does not only give reliability engineers a better sense of the overall status of equipment reliability but also enables them to make better decisions to increase equipment reliability and overall plant integrity.

Martec’s Real-time Monitoring and Analysis service enable both local and remote monitoring and support for industrial plants. Access to asset data is enhanced with in-depth analysis and expert advice on corrective actions to maintain uptime and increase equipment longevity.

We have packaged two distinct solutions for transformers and MV switchgear.  Similar services can be customised for other assets.

Included in the service

Asset Digitisation

The development of digital twins with the visualisation of the asset’s condition and its associated process parameters.

Engineered Analytics

The development of algorithms based on engineering fundamentals for specific assets and incorporating condition monitoring technologies for deeper insight of the assets’ reliability.

Business Intelligence

Utilising customised dashboards, trends and data sets from the in-time monitoring system to enable more informed decision making, and influencing strategies in attaining a reliable and sustainable operation.

Subject Matter Experts

A team of mechanical and electrical experts develop automated diagnosis and prognosis tools, and perform further analysis upon thresholds or alarms being triggered.

Field Service

Competent technicians provide further on-site maintenance, inspections and testing, should anomalies be detected by the in-time monitoring systems. Repair work is carried out, adhering to quality control procedures.

Maintenance Management

The in-time monitoring system is flexible and able to integrate with a maintenance management system, enabling automated maintenance scheduling.


Client Reference | Online Condition Monitoring for Gas Power Plant Generators

The client is an integrated chemical and energy company that produces a range of high-value product streams, including liquids, fuels, chemicals and low-carbon electricity. A few years ago the client began producing power from a newly built gas engine power plant which has an export capacity of 140MW and is one of the largest power plants in South Africa using gas.

Client Reference | Real-time Condition-based Monitoring using IIoT Technology

The client is a manufacturer of glass bottles for wine and carbonated soft drinks. Manufacturing of glass products is an energy-intensive process, and the supply of electricity to the plant is critical to the operation.

Introduction Resin Cast Transformers

Researching the advantages of cast resin transformers, you may find the information available to be somewhat lacking. Many resin cast transformer companies mention that these transformers only need air to cool, due to its smooth coil surface eliminates heavy dirt build-up.

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