Mechanical Field Service Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring of mechanical and rotating assets is the process of monitoring either a single or multiple parameters such as vibration, temperature, oil sampling (tribology), alignment and balancing by using a combination of technologies.

These technologies identify a significant change that is indicative of a developing fault. Typical assets monitored include motors, pumps, fans, gearboxes, compressors, engines and more.  

We combine our industry experience with world-class technologies and products to identify, locate, and analyse potential defects before the components or assets fail. This makes it easy for us to assist clients in deciding on the corrective action, eg. balancing or alignment or lubrication control. 

Provide the appropriate service and technology based on the criticality of the asset and your budget

Not all assets are equally critical, thus we tailor-make our solutions and service offering from periodic services to permanent in time IIoT monitoring solutions.

Vibration Analysis


Vibration analysis is predominantly applied for the condition monitoring on pieces of machinery and their key rotating parts, including but not limited to bearings, gears, shafts and freewheels.  This also includes rotating machines such as gearboxes, motors, fans and drive-trains and reciprocate machines such as piston engines, reciprocating compressors, pumps etc.

We use portable, wireless online and wired online products to detect the vibration in machinery.  This can provide us with a monthly, weekly, daily hourly or real-time view of the condition of the machinery.

The benefits of permanent sensors allow for  24×7 remote monitoring, early warnings of potential (serious) failures, reduction in unplanned downtime, reduction in maintenance costs, support ongoing reliability. I also reduce potential risks with fewer inspections at heights, confined and remote assets.

Oil Analysis


How often do you send an oil sample away only to have a report come back saying there is no problem with the oil?  You can save a lot of money by screening the oil on-site and only sending samples away that need full analysis.

We supply a range of permanent sensors for oil monitoring as well as portable oil test units for site screening of oils.  With our sampling kits, you can do particle counts and test for moisture, contamination and viscosity.

With the right set of oil testing technologies on your plant, you can check your oil as frequent as you need and even have realtime information on the go.

Visit our Products page to see what technologies are available to suit your needs.

Use technologies that own the apex of the PF curve

We do not just use one technology, we use a combination of Vibration, Ultrasound, Temperature and  Infrared technology, to best identify and detect the failure mechanism at the earliest possible stage.  The earlier you identify a potential defect or failure mechanism the more time you have to trend, monitor, plan and repair or replace and extend the life of your asset.

TechTalk | Online Condition Assessment

The online condition assessment technologies with large bandwidth and memory is capable of acquiring the entire pulse shape of a large number of partial discharge signals, allowing deep partial discharge (PD) analysis to be performed.

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Client Reference | Manufacturing | Mechanical Condition Assessment | High Volume Printing

A specialised printing entity providing services to government stakeholders realised the need for reliability improvement due to irregular maintenance expenditure.

Case Study | Manufacturing | Afrox Linde | Sasolburg 6.6kV Substation Motor Terminations

Our client provides engineering services and a focused range of performance enhancing atmospheric gases, welding and safety products and LPG to valued customers. Given the criticality of the services offered by the client, MV components in all electrical networks must be kept to a highly reliable and maintainable standard to prevent premature failure.

Advanced Online Condition Assessment

Online condition assessment is the ultimate solution for MV and HV electrical systems.Online condition assessment technologies with large bandwidth and memory, is capable of acquiring the entire pulse shape of a large number of partial discharge signals, allowing deep partial discharge (PD) analysis to be performed. The acquisition units are provided with ultra wide bandwidth acquisition systems, which collects not only PD pulse peak and phase (as it is done by the digital instrumentation commonly available), but also the PD pulse waveforms.

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