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Martec Academy provides specialised training to companies to assist them to achieve excellence in asset reliability through engineered solutions.

We are a leader in condition monitoring solutions and are therefore able to offer many individuals and companies the tools to reach success in their careers and business operations.

“What are the benefits to condition monitoring for my organisation?”

Condition monitoring can offer many benefits to any asset-intensive organisation. These are realised through the application of fundamental engineering principles, training and experience. Technological advancements in equipment and resources have enabled condition monitoring assessments on most asset types. At the end of the day, successful technology developments call for training and development of personnel to sustain reliable operations.

In today’s competitive world ensuring a sustainable business entails empowering personnel with more knowledge

With a view to declaring today’s professionals competent with real-world training, we have developed a unique approach. Our training is designed from detailed studies of what organisations are looking for in accordance with industry job profiles. The competency gaps are identified and the training provided supplements with these gaps by example orientated learning interventions.

Testimonials from our training candidates:

“Very informative, knowledge gained – massive!  Thank you”

“This is a well organised course with good content”

“The practical training has enhanced my understanding of vacusonic testing”

Essential Condition Monitoring (2 days)

A unique training course that outlines the theory and tools needed to incorporate condition monitoring into a maintenance plan.

SAAMA accredited for 2 CPD points

Transformer Condition Management (4 days)

An informative and insightful training programme covering the theory and practical tools for the analysis and management of transformer Insulating oils.

SAAMA accredited 4 CPD points

Transformer Condition Management – Level 1 (2 days)

An intense training course for managing transformers in service by analysis of transformer insulation oil.

SAAMA accredited for 2 CPD points

Destructive Electrical Discharge (2 days)

A theoretical course built on practical experiences, to understand the cause and effect and to manage the risks associated with electrical assets and the safety of personnel.

Transformer Oil Sampling (2 days)

A course designed to teach the basics of taking a transformer oil sample for further analysis.

Level 1

Click on the course links to download the course brochure and application form, submit to

Airborne and Structure Borne Ultrasound Inspector (3 day)

Certified by SDT International and ASNT (American Society for Non-Destructive Testing) Level 1 and 2

Underground Storage Tank Tightness Testing (4 days)

Providing peace of mind knowing your operators are trained in the detection of underground petrochemical leaks.

Level 1 – 2 days, Level 2 – 2 days

Combined CAT 1 and Level 1 training

This course will set you on the path to becoming an internationally certified ultrasound inspector.

Certification from the Mobius Institute

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