Advanced technologies that significantly extend the life of conventional power cables



UtilX Corporation is based in Kent Washington. Its International Division operates UtilX branch offices in India, Japan and in Germany under the trade name CableCURE™, with licensees in Australia, South Africa and the Middle East. UtilX offers advanced technologies that significantly extend the life of conventional power cables.

UtilX has nearly 20 years of injection experience using CableCURE® technology for solving the worst reliability problems on more than 26 million meters of cable. CableCURE™ permits full restoration of the integrity of the insulation in water tree damaged extruded power cable and prevents future development of water trees. Treatment is undertaken with the cable in-situ.

CableWISE® is a unique on-line condition assessment technology that was developed and initially implemented in 1984 on a 138 kV rated cable system. This non-intrusive technology can successfully detect the deterioration in all types of cables with voltages ranging from 5kV to 400kV, splices and terminations on both new and aged cable systems. Connected equipment is simultaneously assessed. To date, CableWISE™ has been used to assess the condition of over 17 million meters of cable in the field. CableWISE™ is only offered as a service.

Martec Cable Services (Pty Ltd) is the appointed licensee for CableWISE™ and CableCURE™ in Africa.

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