Resource Category: Case studies

A specialised flour milling operation realised the need for reliability improvement due to irregular maintenance expenditure and unplanned breakdowns. The plant produces high quality flour for the baking and commercial sectors, and with the growing demand for flour during Covid conditions, the plant could not produce sufficient product to meet demand due to plant unavailability.

Our client provides engineering services and a focused range of performance enhancing atmospheric gases, welding and safety products and LPG to valued customers. Given the criticality of the services offered by the client, MV components in all electrical networks must be kept to a highly reliable and maintainable standard to prevent premature failure.

A large, independently operated and managed, black empowered manganese ore producer finds themselves under constant pressure to meet production demands with a single line from crushing to load out for export. A machine failure on the line results in high repair costs and downtime, which imposes significant risk. To ensure the deliverables are met safely […]

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